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Air Freight

EU-Around airfreight service offers scheduled consolidation services, airport-to-airport and door-to-door delivery features. Real-time on-line tracking system enables customers to obtain or monitor accurately the actual status of their freight while it moves through the logistics supply chain cycle times. We cooperated with various airlines to ensure the largest space allowance and use our combined volume to negotiate for the most incentives to pass on to our customers.
Rail Freight

Under the call of Chinese government “One Belt, One Road”, Eu-Around established the steady train FCL/LCL service between China and various European & CIS countries.
RO-RO & Break Bulk

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We provide different storage and logistics service, including general cargo, electronic cargo and so on. Eu-Around serves a warehouse covering an area over 3000 M2 in Shanghai. The warehouse is fully equipped with complete stowing and unstowing facilities and fire control system. We make the delivery efficient and render the consequential service according to the client’s request.
Tripartite Trade

After years of operation, we are fully experienced in triangular trade.Now we are arranging triangle business worldwide, not only for shipments originally from China, but also between Europe and America corridor of which the merchandise is not related or manufactured in China. Triangular trade usually evolves when a region has export commodities that are not required in the region from which its major







Import and export declarations like a key to open the door of the world, in the international logistics trade plays an important role, it is serious and solemn. We are professional for you to facilitate the rapid clearance services, so that every time the smooth release of your export. The strength of the export tax rebate, collecting foreign exchange, for your trade road in the direction of the.

Agent export declaration of goods: lamps and lanterns, clothing, footwear, bags, iron products, toys, crafts, daily hardware, wood products, ceramics, electronic products, machinery and equipment and accessories, plastic raw materials generally non restrictive countries of goods. In recent years to meet the needs of the market, we continue to develop and innovate, in the export LED lights, daily necessities, toys, electronic products and other aspects, we gradually form their own core competitiveness.

1 what is the import customs declaration 3 import customs declaration 2 import customs procedures 4 import customs declaration formalities 5 import customs declaration documents 6 import customs declaration time 7 import customs notice

1 what is the import customs declaration

Import customs declaration is the legal act of the consignee or its agent to declare the import formalities and the payment of import duty. According to the customs declaration for customs declaration, in accordance with the law. After examination and inspection, the customs can release the.

2 way of import customs declaration

Import customs declaration should be divided into two kinds of general trade import and feed processing enterprises.

First of all, the general trade import. General trade imports, the first step is to determine the mode of payment is t / T, or L / C, if the L / C, it must first open card, etc. after opening the letter of credit, determine the import of sailing, the ship to later. The operation of import.

1 first is to get foreign customers of the bill of lading, invoice, packing list, purchase contract, if it is imported from South Korea and Japan, then it must also be non wood packaging.

. first of all, to take the bill of lading to the shipping company to change, also is to get a bill of lading from shipping company in exchange for the goods of bill of lading, which is manifest. There are detailed shipping information of your company imported goods.

3 import goods that need to be done in advance, but also to the commodity inspection bureau to do the commodity inspection, in fact, in exchange for inspection and inspection should be carried out in advance. If you don't need to import the goods, then you don't have to. In fact you import goods need not need to check you let your freight forwarding to help you check it, also can check, through the commodity code book.

. for a single after the end, if need inspection also carried out inspection the, then fill in the import declaration single to the freight forwarding to customs, the declaration of the use of information is: authorization of invoice, packing list, purchase contract, from the shipping company in exchange for the bill of lading, customs clearance, import cargo declaration, if required inspection and inspection certificate and other special customs need to provide documents, such as the automatic import license and so on.

5. General trade imported goods have to pay import duties and value-added tax, so in order to speed up the import customs clearance efforts, it is best to open a check for oral, (but the general business will not agree to finance) customs playing the payment book after, it is necessary to write checks. The general import goods to the customs, who are to be paid by check. Pay customs duties are generally to the Bank of China, etc. after the tariff, the bank will give you a chapter in the book cover bank.

6 the payment book to the freight forwarding, and freight forwarding to customs clearance. This is what the general said.

7 customs duties will be covered in the customs clearance of the customs clearance of the goods, take the delivery of the goods to the port where the ship. (this is the two release of the general

Import of feed processing trade, the general procedure is similar. The only difference is that you have to do the manual. (the manual for the handling of the empty and other topics) into the material processing manual and processing manual. The time to use the processing trade manual, coupled with the general trade of the required information for customs clearance.

And pay customs duties, because of the manual, so if you import goods duty-free, only to pay margin, some need to pay the full amount that is 100% of the deposit, and some only pay 100 yuan deposit. The margin of your manual above all imported materials and parts of the nuclear export of finished products are finished, the verification, the verification is finished you pay insurance gold card will be a lot of back to you. And the general trade customs tariff of the operating procedures. But one is the tariff, one is the bond.

3 import customs procedures

Normally, the import customs declaration procedures are divided into 4 steps, which is the declaration, inspection, tax payment and release.

1 declaration

At present, there are 3 kinds of ways for the customs to accept the Declaration: oral declaration, written declaration and electronic data exchange, which is the main form of the two.

In accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law, import goods declaration time limit for within 14 days from the day of inbound means of transport, over a 14 day period was not declared to the customs, by the customs according to the daily collection of 0.5% of the price of imported goods CIF or CIP sluggish newspaper gold. More than 3 months were not declared to the customs, except for special reasons, the customs will sell cargo collection, the proceeds of the still balance excluding transportation, loading and unloading, storage and other fees and taxes in the, since the days of the sale of the goods up within one year, the consignee application shall be returned; if nobody applies within the time limit and turned over to the state library. The specific procedures of the declaration are: after the arrival of the goods, the applicant to fill in the customs declaration of import goods according to the import documents.

In the customs declaration, the customs shall also be submitted to the customs in addition to fill out the customs declaration form.